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Casper Police Department Awards Outstanding Work
February 24, 2012 - Casper Star-Tribune

The Casper Police Department honored outstanding department members and citizens Friday at the annual awards ceremony at City Hall.

Police Chief Chris Walsh, who presented the awards, said the ceremony gives the department a chance to recognize individuals and express appreciation for their efforts. Award recipients were chosen by their peers and supervisors.

"I think the city should be proud of the hard work and the quality of the work that these guys do day in and day out," Walsh said.

Those recognized Friday include:

  • Officer of the Year: Steve Bullock.
  • Detective of the Year: Wes Gudahl.
  • Sergeant of the Year: Shane Chaney.
  • Field Training Officer of the Year: Shawn Jenkins.
  • Top Overall Activity: Chris Funch.
  • PSCC Employee of the Year: Sarah Phillips.
  • Civilian Employee of the Year: Tory Cutrell.
  • Community Partner of the Year: Jean Davies, executive director, Wyoming Meth Project.
  • Distinguished Service Medal: Presented to Officer Dan Dundas in 2011 in a separate ceremony.
  • Letters of Commendation (presented to employees for acts or services done in the line of duty that reflect high quality and professionalism): Scott Schulte, Kate Pagel, Deahn Amend, Jacci Chaney, John Benardis (2), Jill Hickstein, Jennifer Macomb, Pat Herringer, Shannon Daley and K-9 Bear, Steve Freel, Josh Albrecht (2), Shawn Jenkins (2), Scott Jones, Justin Maki (2), Jeremy Tiller (2), Jim Wetzel (2), Kathryn Davison, Karl Sauer, Dan Dundas, Todd Wells, Amber Buhler, Sarah Phillips, Tasha Locke, Mike Ableman, Steve Bullock, Lyle Berg, Gary Kassay, Joel Pogatchnik, Jim Yurkiewicz and Vickie Van Norman.
  • Certificate of Merit (department members who have been awarded five letters of commendation during the course of employment are entitled to receive a Certificate of Merit): Pete Abrams, Rich Brown, Steve Bullock (2), Steve Freel (2), Rick Laible, Marcus Maton, Chris Reed, Mike Thompson, Jeremy Tiller, Jeremy Tremel, Robin Tuma (2), Chris Walsh, Brad Wnuk and Jim Yurkiewicz (3).
  • Citizen Service Citation (for citizens who perform acts of bravery or service for the Casper Police Department or for the public safety of the community): Sam Peterson for pursuing a number of shoplifters in 2010 that led to arrests, Gwen Nielsen for administering CPR on a heart attack victim and Misty Chaney for carrying an elderly man away from a burning house.
  • Lifesaving Medal (A certificate, medal and red ribbon awarded to a department member for saving or prolonging a human life): Kathryn Marschalk-Davison for giving rescue breathing and oxygen assistance to a four-year-old who was not breathing until emergency medical services arrived.
  • Meritorious Achievement Medal (A certificate, medal and white ribbon awarded to a department member who has been awarded three certificates of merit or who has contributed significantly to the success of the department): Jim Yurkiewicz, Steve Bullock, Shane Chaney and Ryan Dabney.
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