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New Study Shows Wyoming Teens More Aware of Meth Risks

December 4, 2014 - KCWY 13

A new study shows Wyoming teens are more aware of the dangers of using methamphetamine and are less likely to try the drug even once.

The study compares the results to 2008 when they first conducted the study... But the survey suggests Wyoming teens find the availability of meth and other drugs lower today than in 2008.

The survey asked middle school and high school students a variety of questions about their perception of meth and it found meth is now less socially acceptable than it was in 2008.

One in four teens say meth would be easy to find... Which is down from just one in three.

Even the survey shows one in ten Wyoming teens say they have close friends who use meth... Which is less than a few years ago.

Jean Davies of Wyoming Meth Project says, "So many kids when I talk to them in the state know what meth does, they've had a relative or a friend. It's pretty amazing how much kids know. Adults tend to say oh that's not in our neighborhood."

Dean Braughton of Natrona County School District says if a student is caught using or selling drugs on school grounds, the student would most likely be suspended or expelled.

The study also showed four out of ten teens say they've discussed the dangers of meth with their parents in the past year.

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