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New Study Shows Wyoming Teens More Aware of Meth Risks
12/4/14 - KCWY 13
A Road Trip Across Philanthropic America
Summer 2013 - Philanthropy magazine
Meth art project
6/18/2013 -
Wyoming Meth Project Announces Winners Of Statewide "Take a Stand Against Meth" Art Contest
4/26/2013 - Wyoming Meth Project Release
Meth Project Foundation Joins The Partnership at
3/13/2013 - Wyoming Meth Project to Continue its Focus on Meth Prevention Operating as Independent Organization and Local Member of The Partnership
Wyoming Teens Kick-Off "Take a Stand Against Meth" Art Contest
2/13/2013 - Wyoming Meth Project Release
"Wyoming Meth Project Campaign 2013"
2/14/2013 - ABC-K2TV
"Wyoming Group Launches Drug-Prevention Art Contest; Winners Earn Cash Prizes"
2/14/2013 - Casper Star-Tribune
New Research Cites Meth Project Ads as Effective
3/7/2012 - Study Published in Journal of Marketing Research Finds Meth Project's Approach "Significantly Reduced Future Drug Use"
"Casper Police Department Awards Outstanding Work"
2/24/2012 - Casper Star-Tribune
"Even graphic ads don't do justice to dangers of meth"
12/6/2011 - Casper Star-Tribune
"New Anti-Meth Website Targets Right Audience"
11/10/2011 - Casper Star-Tribune
"Wyoming Meth Project Launches New Website"
11/8/2011 - Casper Star-Tribune
Meth Project Goes Digital
11/8/2011 - Launches, a Definitive Online Source for Information About Methamphetamine for Teens—Empowering Them to Learn, Connect, and Share
"Wyoming Meth Project is making a difference"
10/20/11 - Casper Star-Tribune
"Survey suggests Wyoming teens are learning meth's dangers"
10/18/11 - Casper Star-Tribune
"Teens Say They Are Less Likely to Use Meth as Result of Wyoming Meth Project Campaign"
10/17/2011 - Survey Finds Wyoming's Young People are Increasingly Aware of the Dangers of Methamphetamine
"The High Cost of Meth"
10/04/11 - Uinta County Herald
"Our Crystal Meth Hell"
9/23/2011 -
"Graphic ads turn around Montana teen meth use"
9/20/2011 - CBS Evening News
"Wyoming Meth Project Debuts New Spots"
5/4/2011 - NBC - KCWY
Meth Project Named Third Most Effective Philanthropy in the World by Barron's Magazine
12/6/2010 - Meth Project Founder Thomas M. Siebel Recognized on Annual List of "25 Best Givers" and Commended for Significantly Reducing Meth Use
"Casper reactions to the Wyoming Meth Project campaign"
12/6/2010 - NBC-KCWY
"'The 25 Best Givers' - Meth Project ranked #3 among foundations worldwide"
12/4/2010 - Barron's
"Teens see more risks using meth"
9/27/2010 -
"Wyoming Meth Project is Making a Difference"
9/27/2010 - Casper Star-Tribune
"Wyoming Meth Project Counters Study on Related Effort, Says Campaign is Working"
9/25/2010 - Casper Star-Tribune
"Meth Danger Message Reaching Kids"
9/24/2010 - NBC-KCWY
"2010 Wyoming Meth Use & Attitudes Survey Reveals Significant Shift in Attitudes Toward Meth Among Wyoming Teens"
9/24/2010 - Research Finds Teens are Increasingly Aware of the Risks of Methamphetamine Since Launch of Statewide Public Education Campaign
"Meth Project unveils newest set of ads"
5/18/2010 - Casper Star-Tribune
Wyoming Meth Project Launches New Campaign with Television Ads by Acclaimed Director Darren Aronofsky
5/17/2010 - New TV, Radio, Billboard, and Online Ads Show the Impact Users Have on Friends and Family
"'The 25 Best Givers' - Meth Project Ranked #5 among Foundations Worldwide"
11/30/09 - Barron's
"Wyoming Meth Project is influencing young people"
7/31/09 - Casper Star-Tribune
"Meth 'epidemic' slows, felonies decrease"
7/26/09 - Casper Star-Tribune
"Wyoming Teens More Aware of Meth Dangers"
7/19/09 - Wyoming Tribune Eagle
"Wyoming Meth Project Survey Results"
7/1/2009 - CBS News Channel 5 KGWN
New Statewide Survey Reveals Wyoming Teens Are Becoming More Aware of the Dangers of Meth Use
7/1/2009 - Wyoming Meth Project Press Release
Wyoming Meth Project Announces Second Wave of Large-Scale
Prevention Campaign

6/2/2009 - Wyoming Meth Project Release
"Meth project gets federal funds"
3/22/2009 - Casper Star-Tribune
"WY Meth Project Unsells Meth to Young People"
2/5/2009 - Wyoming Business Report
"There's More to Do in Fight Against Meth"
2/5/2009 - Casper Star-Tribune
"Study: Meth Use Might Cost Wyo $200M Annually"
2/5/2009 - Casper Star-Tribune
Economic Study Estimates Meth Use Costs the U.S. $23.4 Billion
2/4/2009 - Wyoming Meth Project Release
Economic Study Estimates Meth Abuse Costs the U.S. $23.4 Billion
2/4/2009 - National Meth Project Release
RAND Study Estimates That Methamphetamine Use Cost the U.S. About $23 Billion in 2005
2/4/2009 - RAND Corporation
"Meth Project Really Works"
1/26/2009 - Casper Star-Tribune
"Wyo Meth Project Uses Graphic Images to Show Horrors of Meth"
1/7/2009 - Casper Star-Tribune
"Parenting with Purpose: Fighting substance abuse"
1/6/2009 - Casper Star-Tribune
"The Wyoming Meth Project"
7/30/2008 - KCOL 600 Rocky Mountain Viewpoints
"In Our Opinion: Meth Results Shocking"
7/26/2008 - Wyoming Tribune Eagle
"Survey: Wyoming Teens Misinformed about Meth"
7/22/2008 - Associated Press
"Survey shows misconceptions about meth"
7/22/2008 - Casper Star-Tribune
Wyoming Meth Project Releases Results of New Statewide Meth Use & Attitudes Survey
7/21/2008 - New Survey Shows 45% of Wyoming Youth Report Meth Is Readily Available and 1 in 4 Teens See Little to No Risk in Trying the Drug
"Wyoming Meth Project kicks off campaign"
6/24/2008 - Casper Journal
"Shocking is good when it comes to meth message"
6/18/2008 - Casper Star-Tribune Editorial
"Wyo launches meth prevention program"
6/17/2008 - Casper Star-Tribune
Wyoming Meth Project Launches Statewide Meth Prevention Campaign
6/16/2008 - Community Leaders Announce Groundbreaking Anti-Meth Program
"Anti-drug campaigns are welcome in Wyoming"
4/25/2008 - Casper Star-Tribune Editorial
"Campaign replaces anti-meth effort"
4/24/2008 - Casper Star-Tribune
"Menace of Meth"
4/21/2008 - Press Publications
"Controversial meth ads coming to Wyoming"
4/20/2008 - Casper Journal
"Wyo Meth Project names executive director"
4/12/2008 - Casper Star-Tribune
"Wyo. takes up Montana anti-meth program"
3/5/2008 - Associated Press Newswire
"Anti-meth effort comes to Wyo"
3/5/2008 - Casper Star-Tribune
"Meth conference opens in Casper"
1/10/2008 - Casper Star-Tribune
"Duo tells students how meth ruined lives"
6/11/2007 - Casper Star-Tribune
"Officials tout prevention to combat addiction"
4/30/2007 - Casper Star-Tribune
"'It's sad as hell'"
4/30/2007 - Casper Star-Tribune
"Out of the spiral"
4/29/2007 - Casper Star-Tribune
"House keeps meth lab cleanup costs with landlords"
2/27/2007 - Casper Star-Tribune
"Meth-pregnancy bill draws national criticism"
2/8/2007 - Casper Star-Tribune
"Bills target reservation meth"
1/29/2007 - Casper Star-Tribune
"Wyoming residents battle meth"
1/10/2007 - Casper Star-Tribune
"Meth affects newborn development"
1/10/2007 - Casper Star-Tribune
"Meth can wreak havoc below the surface as well"
1/9/2007 - Casper Star-Tribune
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